Andrea denElzen was born and raised in Orangeville, Ontario. She went on to graduate at the top of her class from the Goldsmith and Silversmith Program at Georgian College; receiving many awards for her unique designs and high quality of work. Upon completion of her formal education Andrea set out for Western Canada, where she apprenticed under three different European jewellers enabling her to further fine-tune her skills.

In October 2004, Andrea moved back to Ontario to start her own business.  While in Toronto Andrea ran a co-operative jewellery studio while building her own jewellery business. In the spring of 2012, Andrea moved back to the west, she is now living in Nelson, British Columbia where she continues to create beautiful pieces of Jewellery.

Andrea designs engagement rings, wedding bands, one-of-a-kind jewellery, as well as pieces that are part of a line with a limited production. In addition, she creates jewellery for individuals, who enjoy being involved in the design process. Helping you design something unique and beautiful that you will cherish because you were involved in the process.

All of Andrea’s creations are made from precious and semi precious metals and gems. Many of her pieces incorporate unusual materials and techniques, such as the Black Rubber, line of jewellery created using rubber and sterling silver.

Andrea’s inspiration comes from both technology and nature. She incorporates modern geometric shapes, lines and colours, adding warmth with hints of soft organic lines to create an attractive balance between the two.


Inspiration; forever flowing as long as you keep the doors open the ideas will flow in!


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